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Vending Program

Vending Program

St, Louis Vendors, Inc., offers a variety of vending options to suit your specific needs. We work closely with you to customize the perfect vending solution for your workplace.

Full-Line Vending Program

Full-line vending is the most common option requested by companies. This program provides a variety of choices, including hot- and cold-beverage, snack, and cold-food-deli machines. St. Louis Vendors, Inc., is committed to exemplary customer service and to designing a vending program to meet your specific needs. The machines are installed at no cost and stocked with quality products for purchase.

We Offer:

  • Free installation.
  • Scheduled replenishments of products to assure consistent availability.
  • Twenty-four / seven / 365 on-call repair service.
  • Ongoing account management visits.
  • Commissions: Vending can be profitable for you and your employees by providing monthly commissions. Ask about how we can customize a commission program for you.
  • Coupons: An excellent way to recognize your employees and customers is by providing them with coupons to redeem for free products.

Subsidized Vending

Subsidized vending is an excellent way to share the cost of vended products with your employees and customers. Products are tracked by internal vending meters and regular machine inventories that are downloaded using handheld computer devices for accurate reporting. Monthly invoices show what products were purchased, in addition to the subsidized balance owed.

Credit & Debit Cards Now Accepted!

Your employees and guests can now make purchases from St. Louis Vendors, Inc., vending machines using their credit or debit cards. The following cards can be used with the program: MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover. There is no additional charge to the user for credit or debit card use. All transactions are secure, and multiple purchases can be done with a single swipe. All machines are set up to accept dollar bills and coins in addition to the credit / debit card function (available to qualified customers only).